Friday, March 29, 2013

Installing a Windows Game on Linux Mint

Here are the steps I took to install a Windows XP game on Linux Mint using Wine software:

1.  Configure Wine for the Windows version you would like emulate.

2.  Select Uninstall Wine from the Wine Menu.

3.  On the Add/Remove Programs Window, insert the CD/DVD and click on the Install button.

Yep.  It's that simple.  After you are done, you can find the .EXE program you executed in the Virtual C:// Drive of Wine.  What Wine enables you to do is run Windows programs within it's virtual directories in the Linux File structure.

By the way, when you install Playonlinux from Software Manager in Linux Mint, Wine is automatically installed as well.  It's just that you may have to go through the steps I took in my previous post "Windows Game Run in Linux Mint" to upgrade Wine to Version 1.5.26 and other configuration steps via Terminal mode.  Remember Terminal mode is very similar to Command Line mode in Windows.

Note:  Not all Windows applications are going to work on Wine.  Before you go through excessive effort to find out if a particular Windows application works with Wine, you should first Google it with Wine to see if anyone has tried it successfully before AND check in the Wine database whether it will work at this link:   Check Wine Compatibility Database.

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