Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wish List: Install Ubuntu Touch OS on ASUS Taichi 31 Dual Screen Laptop

I was watching some videos on Youtube regarding the latest new technologies out there and being a fan of Ubuntu, I thought this would be a perfect setup to get it going more mainstream to Corporate Enterprise Users and Artists/Designers.

What I am envisioning is taking the concepts, workflows and use cases that Mark Shuttleworth describes here:

and extending them to the ASUS Taichi 31 Dual Screen Laptop:

When the laptop is closed, you get the Ubuntu Touch OS to brainstorm ideas or draw or watch video Learning content.

When the laptop is opened, you get the Ubuntu Desktop OS to actually commit your ideas to a wordprocessing file, drawing file or project that you can share with other colleagues.

In other words, I would replace the Windows 8 OS previewed on this laptop with Ubuntu Touch.  You could get the Tablet and Desktop all in one device, which works well with Ubuntu's concept of Tablet and Desktop.  In Ubuntu's concept, you get a Touch User Interface when you are using your Smartphone or Tablet but when you dock it, it triggers the Desktop User Interface.  I'm sure some "enterprising" developer could create a program that triggers the Desktop User Interface when the ASUS Taichi 31 Dual Screen Laptop is opened.


  1. Hello! Any success in installing Ubuntu on the Taichi 31 ?

    1. I don't have a Taichi 31 but it looks like someone tried installing desktop Ubuntu on it with limited success:

      As for Ubuntu Touch OS, it will not be ready until April 2014. Hopefully, some Developers from Canonical or the Ubuntu Community see this post and find a way to make this technically feasible because Ubuntu looks like a better fit for this hardware than Windows 8.1.


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