Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playing a Movie DVD in Linux Mint

Yesterday I was trying to play Music Video and Movie DVD's with Movie Player on Linux Mint but had no luck.  Fortunately, I looked for alternatives in Software Manager and found VLC Player.  BINGO!!!  That was the answer to my movie playing problems.  Yay!!!  Why?  I think it's because it supports more media formats than Movie Player and it can also record movies.  I haven't tried that yet.  Maybe next time in a future post.

All you have to do is install it from Software Manager and if you have problems playing it, you can go to VLC FAQ Site to get answers.  You may need to know what Synaptic Package Manager and Terminal is to do additional package installation or command line configuration to execute some of their instructions.  If you have an aversion to touching "techie" stuff like that, either get one of your friends or family who knows Linux or is a "techie" to execute the "techie" stuff for you.  Otherwise, I can walk you through the process if you go to my "Helpdesk for Linux Newbies" post for a small fee.

Chances are you might not need to, so here is my Youtube video on how to use VLC Player:

Here's a little more detail on the two tools I referred to above if your VLC is not working properly yet:

Synaptic Package Manager is the pretty way of installing missing or additional software programs on Linux.  You can also do this much faster using Terminal if you know what you are doing using commands.  You cannot do system configuration using this utility the way you can using Terminal.  This is what Synaptic Package Manager looks like on Linux Mint:

Using Terminal or sometimes called Shell is similar to executing DOS commands on a Windows Command Prompt.  This is what Terminal looks like on Linux Mint:

I am not going into a huge amount of gory detail here because it's going to bore the average non-techie user to tears.  I decided to explain these two tools only enough for any non-tech users to engage the help of a techie they know to help them with any installation or configuration issues if they cannot get VLC to work.


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