Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cool Things About Linux

  • RECYLE OLD HARDWARE - You can recycle a PC or Laptop with old hardware and make it usable and productive in today's world.  Take my 2003 Dell Inspiron, for instance, which has Ubuntu 12.04 running on it.  I hadn't used it for years and left it at home.  My brother installed Ubuntu 10.04 dual boot with Windows on it while I was gone living elsewhere.  Of course, he didn't have my password and saw that old computer laying around idle and decided to make good use of it.  When I returned after years of living elsewhere, I turned on the POWER button and was introduced to the Brave New World of Linux in November 2011.  I had NO idea what Linux was, much less Ubuntu, until I powered up my old Dell.
  • RECOVER FILES ON WINDOWS IF YOU FORGET YOUR PASSWORD - You can recover your important files stored in Windows if you momentarily suffered amnesia and FORGOT your Windows password.  (How do you recover it?  Install a Linux Distro dual boot with your Windows OS.  That's what I did with my 2008 Toshiba Satellite that I had to temporarily ditch after my Windows 2003 got a virus on it.  This unlucky event forced me to purchase a new 2010 HP Pavillion Netbook with Windows 7 on it so for 3 years of non-use I completely forgot my Toshiba Laptop's password EVEN with the HINT.  ARRRGH!!!  But lo and behold, Linux Mint comes to the rescue with Dual Boot and I have access to my Windows 2003 partition AND FILES!  YAY!!!
  • RUN LINUX ON ANDROID - For all you Android Smartphone users who are Windows Laptop users as well, since Android is based on the Linux Kernel,  you can run your favorite Linux Distro on your Android smartphone.  Well, not quite all Distros yet!  Oops!!! I'm getting a little ahead of myself.                        Here are the Distros that you can run on your Android smartphone:
  • Just about all the software that you need for any use except for some games made by commercial Big Game Vendors like Valve or Steam are FREE!!!

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