Saturday, March 16, 2013

Canonical's Ubuntu for Android: Getting the Desktop Experience on Your Smartphone

In my post called the "Cool Things About Linux" I talked about the advantages of running Linux on your Android smartphone.  Well, here's an example by Canonical, the Engineering company that provides support services for Ubuntu:

The example demonstrates a business user receiving an email with a LibreOffice (Word Equivalent) document attached and needing to edit the document on the fly.  Another way of exchanging and working on documents is making use of Cloud storage like Ubuntu's UbuntuOne, DropBox and Google Drive.  The business user could have downloaded the document directly from something like Google Drive and edited it in LibreOffice while he had his Android smartphone docked to a monitor at the office or hotel.

The Linux desktop in this example is Ubuntu 12.10 which looks the same as navigating on a real PC or Laptop.  Notice the icons on the left side panel.  This style of desktop is called Unity.  Notice how very different it is than Windows or Apple.  In Linux there are several styles of desktop (Windows Manager) formats:  Xfce (which is what I am using on my Toshiba Satellite with Linux Mint), KDE, LXDE and Gnome.  There are more but I want to keep this post on point with the title and its original intention.

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