Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kingsoft Office - A Free MS Office Alternative For Windows, Linux, Android and iOS

Just over the weekend I was talking with my best friend and her daughter about our mobile devices.  Her daughter, who is twenty is very much an Apple fangirl, while her husband is more of a Microsoft fanboy.  My friend, on the other hand, is quite happy with her Samsung Galaxy Note tablet.

Ironically, it was her husband, who got her the Android tablet for Christmas last year.  My friend likes her tablet so much that every time I go visit, she's either surfing the web or playing a game.  Somehow, we got on the subject of Office software, one of the major reasons her husband decided to purchase a Microsoft Surface RT tablet instead of an Android tablet.  Apparently, her hubby is hooked on Microsoft Office and wanted to be able to use that on his tablet.

My friend said that she had advised her husband not to buy the Surface RT tablet because she uses the free product, OpenOffice on her Android tablet for editing documents.  I told her that OpenOffice is very similar to LibreOffice which usually comes pre-installed with most Linux distributions on the desktop.  Well, much to her consternation, her hubby went ahead with the extra purchase because he was used to what he had used before.  Meanwhile, her perky daughter piped in that for document editing and spreadsheets, she uses Pages and some other app that is free from the iStore for her iPad and iPhone.  She also uses a MAC because she loves the integration of sharing files, music and documents across all three of her Apple devices.

I told my friend and her daughter that I use a Linux desktop and an Android smartphone to sync my calendar events via Google Calendar no matter which device I created the appointment on.  I also told them I could edit documents for free using LibreOffice on my Linux desktop and using a native Android Office app called QuickOffice.  However, what I didn't tell them yet was that I tried an app on my Android smartphone called Kingsoft Office and I was very impressed with the UI of that app.  Although I find LibreOffice to be almost as robust as MS Office, the UI is not quite as pretty yet.  QuickOffice also seems very basic and not quite as robust as Kingsoft Office on my Android smartphone.

Therefore, what I am hinting at here is that for those of you looking for a robust alternative to MS Office, you may want to try Kingsoft Office.  There are both free and licensed versions of Kingsoft Office.  While I myself have had experience working with Microsoft Works, (Microsoft's free Office version) that came pre-installed on some older PC's, I have to say Kingsoft Office free edition is much nicer and robust than Works.

If you are a small or medium sized business and want an Office alternative that works across many platforms, you may want to try Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013.  It works with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS and can work with MS Office file formats.  There is a professional edition ($69.95) that is roughly half the cost of a Personal Office license ($139.99) and one third the cost of a Business Office license ($219.99).  It's significantly less than the Professional Office license at ($399.99).

If you click the link below you can get a discount of $10 off the original price.

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Product Detail for Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 (28469-5)

The first thing you see when you open Office Pro 2013 is a clean, new interface. The old features are still there along with some new ones that are huge time savers. Compared with its previous versions, Office 2013 has a greatly improved compatibility with Microsoft Office (97/2000/2003/2007/2010). We can save documents as .docx and .xlsx formats now.

What’s new in the latest update?
1. Save documents as DOCX/DOTX/DOCM/DOTM.
2. Open XML documents and save as MHT/MHTML.

If you are a student you may want to try the product below. 

Product Detail for Kingsoft Office Suite Professional for Students (28469-16)

Support OS: Windows2000, Windows2003, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows7 and Windows8
Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2012 is a cheaper Microsoft Office alternative that's actually good. Only 55.15MB, offering three powerful applications: Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation. It's compact, fast, attractive, and highly file-compatible. Includes many exclusive features, such as VBA editor, two interfaces, multi-tab interface, pro PDF converter, advanced paragraph adjustment tool, humanized table operation and more.

Help & Support:
Users can easily access the support center and email us, or join us in the official forum of Kingsoft's website.

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