Thursday, April 25, 2013

Linux Out of the Box Ready For You with System 76

In an earlier post, I was musing about what vendors offer Linux as an "out of the box" experience.  It appears there's more than just ThinkPenguin.  System 76 also offers Ubuntu pre-installed on all of its hardware offerings from Laptops to Servers.

They also feature reviews of their products on Youtube:

More importantly, they offer support for their hardware and the Ubuntu OS:

I haven't tried their products yet nor ThinkPenguin's either but they sure do look very appealing the next time I want invest in another laptop.

For now, I have 3 usable laptops:  An HP Pavillion with Windows 7, A Dell Inspiron with Ubuntu 12.04 and a Toshiba Satellite with Linux Mint.

I spend most of the time on the Toshiba Satellite with the other two for back-up.

All the issues I have faced with installation and configuration of Linux Mint or Ubuntu would probably be minimal if I bought a laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed from one of the vendors I mentioned above because they come already configured with the necessary drivers, codecs, software, etc to do most of the things the average user executes on his/her computer.  For the hardcore gamers, I suggest you watch this review to compare with an X Box experience:

I'm not a hardcore gamer nor do I build computers but Linux has taken a bad rap for not being supported enough in terms of hardware manufacturers, driver support and gaming variety.  I think that's changing already with the quality of hardware available, support available and Steam's foray into creating more games for the Linux world.

I also think that Linux hasn't taken off quickly because most of the world doesn't even know that it even exists.  After all, you don't find any pre-installed Linux computers in retail outlets like Walmart or Best Buy.  You also don't see any commercials on Linux.  So I think that by getting the word out on Linux, its merits and its ecosystem of quality providers, Linux can be more mainstream.

I started a website to get the word out so feel free to share it with your friends if you like what you see:  Going Mainstream with Linux

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