Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Working with Inkscape, a Free Version of Adobe Illustrator

This post is for all you budding artists who have a very limited budget and you Super Moms out there who want to find a cool way to spend the afternoon with your kids.  Inkscape is a free software version of the popular Adobe Illustrator tool used by Graphic Artists, Web Designers and Publishers.  I've used this tool myself and found the experience to be very enjoyable.  See the sample drawings I was able to create with Inkscape below:

I drew the bowling pin above using this tutorial from Youtube:
The guy in the tutorial does a good job of not only showing you how to draw better but also how to use the Inkscape tool.  If you want to learn how to use Inkscape, I suggest searching Youtube for tutorials on how to use the basic functions of Inkscape.   Once you get the hang of using the basic functions of Inkscape, you can try the more complicated drawings.

Here's an example where I took a photograph with my Samsung Galaxy Stellar Android Smartphone, downloaded it to my Linux Mint Toshiba laptop and edited it using Inkscape using a Trace feature.

Before Trace

After Trace

Pretty cool, huh!!!

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